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Understanding the Eight Sleep Membership

By Editorial Team
August 24, 2023
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Continuous sleep improvement, for less than a cup of coffee a day

The Pod is an intelligent system that learns about your sleep, makes adjustments based on those learnings, and helps you sleep better, with clinically proven results. For less than your daily cup of coffee (~ $0.50/night), the membership provides a personalized suite of services – which are constantly improving – to give you the best sleep possible.

The membership unlocks the full intelligence of the Pod including features like automatic temperature adjustments which personalize the temperature of each side of the bed based on each individual’s sleep schedule, sleep phases, comfort preferences, and environmental conditions. These automatic adjustments have been shown to improve our members’ sleep quality.

The Pod’s intelligence also unlocks vibration & thermal alarm, sleep & health reports, and includes continuous software updates, and the automatic release of new features over time.

One membership covers two separate users per Pod, so both you and your partner can get the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Learn more about our membership-exclusive features here.

You sleep better and save on your energy bill, too

Because contact heat transfer is much more efficient than using air, you can rely on your Pod for thermal comfort and dial back your thermostat to save on your electricity bill – whether you are cooling or heating your bed. Here’s an example:

  • If you use the Pod to cool down your bed, you could increase your A/C setting by 5 degrees F while sleeping, and your A/C saves 2,100 BTU/hr for 8 hours. Note most central A/Cs are 20,000 to 50,000 BTUs, so this is a conservative savings estimate.
  • Assuming $0.15/kWh, then you can save $15/month on electricity costs. This accounts for the Pod's power usage

As shown above, the Pod’s energy savings could potentially cover the cost of the membership.

A membership that gets better day after day

At Eight Sleep, we are constantly working to optimize and improve your sleep experience through software, engineering, R&D, and clinical studies. These updates include (but are not limited to) algorithm updates to increase the Pod’s accuracy – as well as weekly improvements in the app.

The membership model allows us to continue investing in the best possible customer experience, and to hire an incredible team of people focused on product improvement and customer support that will make your experience better every day.

Why Eight Sleep introduced the membership

To deliver all of the above we have recurring costs for servers, data storage, employees that build new features, research and development, and more. By introducing the membership, we aim to build a sustainable business that constantly reinvests in the product.

Choose the membership that’s right for you

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