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Pod Pro Smart Mattress Eight Sleep

Transforming the bed into a health platform. Meet the Pod Pro.

By Matteo Franceschetti
May 13, 2020
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Pod Pro Smart Mattress Eight Sleep
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Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Pod Pro, the most innovative sleep device ever designed. Pod Pro retains vital features of the original and award-winning Pod, introducing new Room Climate and Weather Response, a Comfort Blend Integrated Topper, GentleRiseWake Up Technology, and double the number of sensors enabling new Heart Rate Variability monitoring and a Daily Health Check report. Beyond sleep improvement, the advancements in the Pod Pro are part of Eight Sleep’s journey to transform an ordinary bed into an advanced health platform that fuels both performance and longevity. 


What's new

Room Climate and Weather Response 

The Pod Pro introduces new ambient sensors, measuring room temperature, humidity, and local weather to react intelligently. As the sleeping environment changes, the Pod will recommend adjustments to the bed temperature, to keep every individual comfortable all through the night.

Comfort Blend Integrated Topper 

The thermoregulating layer of the Pod, the Active Grid, has been redesigned to incorporate a premium Comfort Blend foam topper for enhanced contouring and pressure-point relief, without sacrificing its dynamic heating and cooling performance. 

The Active Grid continues to provide dynamic heating and cooling between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit on each side of the bed, which has proven to positively influence the quality of sleep. Eight Sleep members enjoying temperature regulation on average fall asleep 7% faster, toss and turn 15% less per night, and experience 13% fewer wake-ups in the middle of the night.

DualSense Technology and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring

With double the sensors, the Pod Pro strengthens sleep and biometric tracking beyond its original capabilities. The sensor upgrade unlocks a new Heart Rate Variability metric (HRV) that allows customers to understand the impact of sleep on their heart health and recovery. HRV variations can help users track their health and anticipate illness or fatigue if they see significant drops in this metric. The Pod Pro is the first mattress to enable constant monitoring of HRV, alongside other biometrics like Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time. 

These new data capabilities were developed with the backing of clinical research partnerships with Mount Sinai and UCSF. A comparative analysis shows Eight Sleep’s Heart Rate tracking is within 1 heartbeat per minute compared to medical-grade ECG reports,* allowing users to properly track their heart health in their sleep each night.

Daily Health Check 

Utilizing the new sensing capabilities of the Pod Pro, users can access a Daily Health Check in the Eight Sleep app. The report comes in addition to the Daily Sleep Fitness Report, and includes the analysis of Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability, all key indicators of your physical wellness. 

GentleRiseWake Up Technology

The first alarm of its kind, it uses gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each individual without any sound, while gradually cooling or warming the bed minutes before the set wake-up timeensuring no disruption to a partner's sleep. Set and controlled from the Eight Sleep app, GentleRise™ was amongst the top features requested by users in the past year.


Out with the mattress. In with the Pod.

At Eight Sleep we believe that the mattress should be more than just a comfortable surface. We’ve spent the last 6 years figuring out how to use technology to create the ideal sleep environment, one which can also become a fundamental tool for at-home health monitoring.

We launched the first Pod a little over a year ago. The original Pod focused on using thermoregulation to optimize sleep, it featured seamless sleep tracking and automated heating and cooling on each side of the bed. We knew back then that thermoregulation was only the beginning. Today, with the introduction of Pod Pro, we continue to make progress towards our vision. 

The platform that will ultimately support the future of sleep may be complex, but my philosophy is simple: Technology will not change the fact that our bodies and minds need multiple hours to recharge, so why not use technology to recharge faster and better? Even more, why not use that technology—a bed, where we currently spend almost a third of our lives—as a vehicle to achieve health benefits that extend far beyond enhanced sleep? 

Redefining how we sleep opens the door to the ultimate life hack: the bed as a seamless health platform, one that has the potential to change the lives of billions of people.


Stay tuned for more from Eight Sleep.