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Tips to Stop Sweating at Night

By Emily Bertha
August 20, 2018
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Being too hot at night can lead to insomnia, not to mention extra loads of laundry from the sweaty sheets. Luckily, there a few things you can do to stop sweating at night.

Invest in breathable, quality sheets

Don’t let your sheets be the cause of overheating. While satin may feel nice, cotton sheets are by far the best material since they are the most breathable. The all organic, 300 thread count cotton sheet set from Eight are a great choice for summer.  

Mattress with proper air flow

You mattress could be the main culprit when it comes to the causes of sweating. Many memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot. Make sure to choose a bed that is both comfy and cool. A cooling mattress like the Pod combines foam with technology that dynamically cools each bed side to as low as 55 degrees.

Sleep naked or wear breathable fabrics to bed

There are so many benefits of sleeping naked, one of the major ones being it helps prevent you from waking up drenched in sweat. Your body temperature naturally drops during sleep, but going to bed in PJs, especially ones that aren’t 100% cotton, could disrupt the body’s natural cycle.

Remove your bed comforter during warmer months

Chances are you have a down comforter on your bed year round. Many people don’t think of removing their comforter all together or replacing it with a thinner quilt, but this can make all the difference. You don’t go to bed in sweatpants and socks during the summer, and you shouldn’t go to bed under a giant, warm comforter either.

Get a cooling pillow

Sometimes all it takes to stop sweating at night is new pillow. The adjustable Cool Pillow from Eight continuously gives you that “cool side of the pillow” feeling. Be sure to opt for pillowcases made of breathable fabrics as well.

Rub ice or water on your wrists before bed

This may sound too simple to actually work, but rubbing ice or cold water on your wrists and/or hands before bed actually helps to cool you down. Your body temperature lowers before bed, and this helps to make sure you don’t overheat at night.

Check the temperature of your room

If your room is too hot, then you’re bound to spend more time sweating than sleeping.  Make sure the thermostat in your bedroom is set to anywhere from 63-68 degrees at night. Turn on the fan or AC if needed.

If you still find that you’re excessively sweating, talk to your doctor.