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The Eight Sleep 8+ Pro Membership

By Matteo Franceschetti
December 28, 2021
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Our mission at Eight Sleep is to provide the best possible sleep and recovery to our members. The Pod’s dual-zone cooling and heating solved the number one problem affecting our members’ sleep: thermoregulation. Its GentleRise alarm offered a revolutionary way to wake up refreshed. And its advanced sleep and health tracking helped our members understand their sleep – all without the fuss of charging and wearing a tracking device. These features will continue to be included with every Pod purchase at no additional charge. 

To take our members' sleep to the next level we are going beyond hardware. Over the past year we released beta versions of Temperature Autopilot and Data Insights and made significant improvements with your feedback. We’ve seen remarkably high satisfaction with Autopilot, and you’ve shared amazing stories about how Insights helped you understand the impact that meals, alcohol, exercise, and more have on your sleep, enabling you to make better decisions. 

We’re confident these features deliver real ongoing value for our members, and we’re ready to officially release them as part of our digital sleep improvement membership: 8+ Pro. 

8+ Pro adds personalized intelligence to the Pod’s sensing and microclimate capabilities. It’s a service designed to feel like a 24/7 sleep and health coach that guides you to the best recovery of your life, every night. The optional membership is available to Pod Mattress and Pod Cover owners for only $19/mo, with no minimum commitment, and provides access for up to two app accounts per Pod device.

Members who upgrade to 8+ Pro will unlock access to the following features: 

  1. Temperature Autopilot - automatically improves your sleep based on your biometrics, continuously adjusting temperature through the night to keep you in deep sleep 
  2. Digital Coaching and Data Insights - actionable feedback on your sleep habits and insights into factors impacting your sleep and health 
  3. Sleep Content - growing library of guided breathing, meditation and sleep sounds, designed by experts to help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed

This is just the beginning. The 8+ Pro membership comes with our commitment to continuously improve and add to this experience. Keep an eye on the Eight Sleep app for ongoing updates, including a more powerful version of Autopilot, new types of Insights, and fresh content coming soon.