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Smart Temp just got even smarter

By Matteo Franceschetti
January 08, 2020
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Introducing the new Smart Temp featuring a revamped algorithm. Read more below to learn what this change means for you (hint: it's about to make your dreams even sweeter).

A new look for temperature controls and Smart Temp settings

We heard your feedback and incorporated it into an updated design of the Temperature section. Now, it’s easier to control and interpret everything related to your sleeping temperature, including what each level feels like and what phase of Smart Temp you’re in.

More precise adjustment when you fall asleep

Our new Smart Temp responds immediately to changes in your biometrics that indicate you’ve fallen asleep. This ensures that your Pod temperature will make the first (and critical) period of deep sleep that much deeper.

Continuous Smart Temp until you get out of bed

The Pod continuously learns about your habits, even as they change. With the new Smart Temp, the Pod won’t stop heating or cooling until you’ve left the bed, no matter how varied your wake up times are.

Temperature recommendations based on data insights

The new Smart Temp goes beyond just getting to know you — it also benchmarks your settings compared to what we’ve learned from other users, using that data to recommend a profile that gives you optimal sleep. Re-take the Smart Temp quiz anytime to access these suggestions.

Update to the latest version of the Eight Sleep app today. Don't have a Pod yet? Get yours here