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Sleep fitness has landed in the UK

By Matteo Franceschetti
October 04, 2021
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Sleep fitness has landed in the UK! Now, anyone living in the United Kingdom will be able to purchase the Pod Pro Cover, exclusively at eightsleep.com.

Our goal is to offer the most sophisticated technologies for restorative and preventative health to people everywhere. Expanding to the UK is a step towards helping people all over the globe to achieve optimal health via Eight Sleep’s patented technologies and products.

The sleep fitness movement is rapidly expanding. If we have not made it to your region yet, please fill out this form to be notified when we start shipping to your area.


Which Eight Sleep products are available in the UK?
The Pod Pro Cover is available in the UK in two sizes: UK Double and UK King.

UK Super King is coming soon.

Do I pay for shipping, duties and returns?
Shipping, duties and returns are free for UK customers.

How many days of trial do I have?
30 nights trial.

Will delivery be available for all of the UK?
Yes, the Pod Pro Cover is available for delivery across all of the UK (Great Britain and North Ireland).

What payment and financing options are available?
For UK members, credit card payment is only available for the time being.

Is the Eight Sleep app available in the UK?
Yes, the Eight Sleep app is available on Apple and Android App stores internationally.