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Our (continued) commitment to healthier lives

By Matteo Franceschetti
March 08, 2018
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In 2014 we founded this company with a mission to use technology to improve sleep. Fast forward 4 years and with 2.5 million nights of sleep tracked, I’m sharing some exciting news: we closed a $14M Series B round of funding led by Khosla Ventures with the support from our existing investors Y Combinator and Yunqi Partners. The partnership with Khosla is a clear fit for us. They share our vision of a future in which technology and data make healthcare more scientific and consistent. With this new funding, our growing team and investors reaffirm the commitment we made in 2014 to bringing the biggest technological evolution that sleep has seen in the last 300 years.

As we continue to redesign the traditional concept of a mattress, we are uncovering the possibilities that tracking biometric signals holds in furthering human healthcare.

Thanks to over 20,000 of you, we are on a path to become the largest sleep database in the world. In addition to tracking over 2.5 million nights of sleep, we have also collected and processed 500 terabytes of data, executed over 200,000 sleep-related smart home actions, and warmed up beds for over 1 million hours.

Thank you for believing in our dream. We hope we can continue to help achieve yours one good night’s sleep at a time.

All the best,

Matteo Franceschetti

Co-Founder and CEO, Eight