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NEW: Manage multiple Pods from a single account

By Editorial Team
November 13, 2023
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This summer, we launched multiple Pod support. Multiple Pod support allows members with more than one Pod in a guest room or second home to control their Pods from one account.

This feature allows members to customize their sleep experience with unique temperature profiles on each Pod, while seamlessly tracking sleep and health data across all Pods.

What to expect as a multiple Pod user

Effortless Pod Switching

Enjoy the flexibility of using all your Pods. In the main menu, simply tap on the Pod you want to switch to, and you're ready to go.

Personalized Comfort Settings

Switching Pods allows you to effortlessly apply or modify your temperature and alarm settings for each Pod. Head to the main menu, assign yourself to the desired Pod, and keep or modify your preferences.

Convenient Bedside Modifications

Need to adjust your bed sides? Just tap into your active Pod, and you can easily modify which side you will be sleeping on. 

Seamless Partner Transition:

When you switch Pods, the app will prompt you to choose if you want to move your partner as well. Select 'Yes' if both of you want to move to the new Pod, or 'No' if you want to switch individually while your partner stays on the current Pod.

Have an additional Pod you’d like to add to your account?

Follow the below steps to add a second Pod to your account. 

1. Open the Main Menu on the Homepage

2. Tap "Add Pod"

3. Tap “Set up new Pod”

4. Select “Continue” and proceed with the onboarding steps outlined


From there, you’ll be able to add existing or brand-new Pods to your account. 

Looking to purchase another Pod? 

Eight Sleep members can purchase additional Pods at exclusive prices. Head to the Member Shop in your Eight Sleep app to get our best offers on the latest Pod technology.


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