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Announcing the newest Eight Sleep Athlete: ‘Fittest Man on Earth’ Justin Medeiros

By Matteo Franceschetti
October 20, 2021
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We’re proud to announce the newest Eight Sleep Athlete, Justin Medeiros, 2021 CrossFit Games Champion and ‘Fittest Man on Earth’. For months, Justin has been leveling up his performance and recovery leveraging the Pod’s technology.

“Having Eight Sleep as a part of my training arsenal was a huge component in winning the CrossFit Games this year. The amount of time that I spent inside the gym is equal to the time amount of time I spent outside the gym, making my recovery even more important,” said Justin. “What’s unique about the Eight Sleep technology is that it regulates bed temperature to optimize sleep fitness. This has improved my sleep significantly so I’m ready to perform in the gym every day.”

Following an amazing podium finish in his 2020 Games debut, the former wrestler and football player relocated to Washington to workout daily with his coach and make huge leaps in his workouts, training and sleep routines. Now, Medeiros is one of the brightest young stars in CrossFit and the current reigning champion after an impressive run in the 2021 CrossFit Games.

Justin is joining the Sleep Fitness movement to help spread awareness around the importance of sleep to maximize athletic potential. Eight Sleep will continue to support Justin while training for the Rogue Invitational as well as other CrossFit competitions through the coming year and beyond, to ensure he will compete at optimal potential.

The ‘Fittest Man on Earth’ knows the impact quality sleep has on performance and his Eight Sleep Pod helps him recover faster, so he can push his limits even further. We’re proud to welcome Justin to the movement.

Learn more about Justin here and purchase his favorite Pod here.