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Get sleep fit with Insights

By Matteo Franceschetti
February 07, 2020
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At Eight Sleep we believe that the more you know about your sleep, the better rest you’ll achieve. So today we’re excited to introduce Insights: personalized guidance to help you achieve your sleep fitness goals.

Leveraging the power of your personal metrics, Insights takes data to the next level making it interesting and actionable. 

Get actionable tips for sleep improvement 

Need tips for making up sleep debt or suggestions for a better bedtime? Find a new Insight every day on the Trends page.

Discover your personal sleep trends

Do you sleep more than your peers? Are you getting less deep sleep than usual? Learn what makes your sleep patterns unique, and identify any unexpected changes in your routine. 

Unlock the power of science

As the Pod learns about you, you can learn more about the science of sleep through relevant content that goes deeper into the why and how.


Update to the latest version of the Eight Sleep app to access Insights. Don’t have a Pod yet? Get yours here.