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Exclusive Member Upgrade Program

By Andriy Rusyn
May 23, 2020
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The easiest way to keep your Pod up to date

As an Eight Sleep member, you’re eligible to upgrade to the latest Pod technology at an exclusive price.

  • Upgrade to the latest Pod technology as soon as it launches
  • Exclusive pricing for Eight Sleep members 
  • 2-year warranty included with every new upgrade


Pod Pro Active Grid and Hub

Upgrade the Active Grid and Hub. Mattress not included. This option only works if you have a current Pod mattress.

Save $200

$1,795- $1,595 Queen

$1,995- $1,795 King



Benefits unlocked:

  • Easy upgrade, just zip on the new Active Grid to your existing Pod mattress and switch your old Hub for the new one. 
  • Room Climate and Weather Response introduces new ambient sensors, measuring room temperature, humidity, and local weather to react intelligently.
  • Comfort Blend™ Topper design with integrated foam topper for enhanced comfort.
  • DualSense™ Technology with double the number of sensors for more accurate sleep and health tracking.
  • GentleRise™ Wake Up Technology for each bedside that wakes you up gently using vibration and temperature.

Ready to upgrade your sleep set up?

Just click on BUY THIS UPGRADE above. Your discount will automatically apply at checkout.

Questions or issues? Contact support@eightsleep.com or call +1 888 699 4015 and our Sleep Pros will be happy to assist with your upgrade request.



  • Who is eligible for an upgrade?
    • Current Eight Sleep members who own an Eight Sleep Pod.
  • I just bought a new Pod or Pod Thermo Cover and I am still within my trial period, can I make an exchange?
    • If you are still within the 100-night trial period for The Pod or 30 night trial period for The Pod Thermo Cover and wish to exchange, you will need to pay the difference in cost and work with the support team at support@eightsleep.com to return the current product.
    • If you are within a trial period and want to exchange your Pod, you must first return your Pod, then purchase a Pod Pro at the advertised website price. Member upgrade pricing is only available for those who are upgrading.
  • What is the difference between an exchange and an upgrade?
    • Exchanges: If you are within the 100 night trial, you will need to work with support to pay the difference in price, and then the team will assist you with returning your current product.
    • Upgrades: You will receive an exclusive discount to purchase the Pod Pro. Your current product will not need to be returned. Those who are not in possession of a Pod product or in the process of a return, will not be eligible for the upgrade pricing, as that is exclusive to current Eight Sleep members.
  • I’m still paying off my current Pod through financing, can I add the upgrade to my finance program? 
    • Affirm cannot add any extra charges or orders to an existing loan. You will need to get approved for a new loan with any new order/upgrade.
  • Do I still need to make monthly loan payments for my current Pod while I wait for my new Pod set to ship?
    • Yes, as long as the loan is active, the monthly payments need to be completed. If you need to return your current Pod, you will be credited for all payments made on that loan once the return is finalized.
  • Can I finance my upgrade if I didn’t use financing for my original Pod purchase?
    • Yes, you may finance the upgrade whether or not you financed your original purchase with Eight Sleep. 
  • When I upgrade to a new Pod, what happens to my existing warranty coverage?
    • All new components come with a 2 year warranty. For any upgraded components, your existing warranty coverage is replaced by the 2 year coverage once you upgrade.
    • If you choose to upgrade only the Active Grid and Hub, you will retain the warranty on your original foam mattress, but the Active Grid and Hub will come with new 2 year warranties.
  • When I upgrade to the Pod, what happens to the existing sleep tracking data in my Eight Sleep app profile?
    • It will transfer over, as the data is linked to your account within the Eight Sleep app. Just make sure you set up your new product using your existing account.
  • Does this upgrade change or affect my 8+ membership? 
    • No, there will be no price change for your current 8+ membership.
  • Do you take deposits for this upgrade and how long will this deal be honored for? If so, how long until I have to pay the remainder?
    • We do not currently accept deposits but encourage you to check out financing options available with Affirm. You can pay for your upgrade in installments over 36, 48, or 72 months and choose the option that works for your budget. This option is available at checkout.
  • What is the return policy for upgrades?
    • Pod Pro Active Grid and Hub upgrades are eligible for returns for up to 30 nights.
    • If you would like to initiate a return, please contact support@eightsleep.com.