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Introducing: Our AI-Powered Sleep Coach

By Matteo Franceschetti
June 20, 2018
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When we launched our Smart Mattress in December 2016, we intended to start a sleep revolution. Thousands of people across America immediately joined us for the journey. It’s thanks to this passionate community of Eight users, that we’ve been able to track more than 2.5 million of nights of sleep in just 18 months.

But we haven’t just been listening to the data, we’ve also been listening to you. And we know that you want to know more about your sleep than just the numbers and graphs. So we used the 200 billion data points we’ve collected to build the world’s first AI-powered Sleep Coach. It’s a unique feature that analyzes and compares your personal sleep information to deliver you tailored recommendations and data points every morning. The Sleep Coach is now available for all our users for free in the mobile app. Our AI intelligence will be able to tell you things like:

  • “Your percentage of REM sleep was 15% last night. This is lower than the healthy range of 20-25%. Try sleeping 30 minutes more tonight.”
  • Great job! You got 7 hours and 43 minutes of sleep last night. That is 30 minutes more than your average this month.”
  • “You sleep like a rock! This week you've tossed and turned on average 10 times per night. This is much lower than the average for people your age, which is 25 toss and turns per night.”
  • “On average it takes you 12 minutes to fall asleep. This is significantly less than the 20 minute average for women your age.”
  • “You are a quick riser! On average this week you got out of bed within 7 minutes of waking up. This is 15% faster than the average for people in New York City

We are passionate about using the data we collect to create and offer new innovations in sleep to our customers. Last year alone, we processed 500 terabytes of data from over 20,000 people, executed over 200,000 sleep-related smart home actions and warmed up beds for over 1 million hours. Eight continues on its path to become the largest sleep database in the world, with the expectation to track an additional 12 million nights of sleep by the end of this year. The Eight Sleep Coach is leveraging the power of this database to offer personalized sleep coaching unlike any other product currently in the market. It’s the natural next step in helping people get the best rest possible and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

All the best,

Matteo Franceschetti
Co-Founder and CEO, Eight