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Pod 3: The Latest Generation of Sleep Fitness Technology is Here

By Matteo Franceschetti
July 26, 2022
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We’re honored to introduce Pod 3, a new version of our award-winning sleep technology. From the start, we set out to create the best systems in the world to power sleep optimization, and with the launch of Pod 3 we are taking a giant leap forward.

Three years after the launch of the original Pod, it is rewarding to see how our innovations are improving people’s lives, with clinically validated results that prove better recovery night after night.

Clinical data have shown that the technology behind Pod 3 can improve sleep quality index by up to 32%, increase deep sleep by up to 34%, and increase heart rate variability (HRV) by up to 19%. While still maintaining the award-winning features of the Pod 2 Pro, the new Pod 3 includes enhanced technology and an improved user experience with the following enhancements:

A new quad-core CPU to increase the Pod’s computing power

A powerful new quad-core CPU significantly increases computing power in Pod 3 that allows for double the amount of sensors for tracking key biometrics such as heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, sleep stages, and more. With a more robust hardware system, the Pod can now locally process more complex data and algorithms, critical for biometrics tracking during sleep. Additionally, the new hardware allows for future deep-learning-powered features to be pushed to users via frequent cloud updates.

Invisible Sensing design featuring twice the number of sensors and 4000x greater resolution in sleep and health tracking

Pod 3 includes a new Invisible Sensing design of its sensor pack to maximize comfort while providing more accurate measurements with double the amount of sensors and 4000x greater sensor resolution. Building on the previous generation’s excellent biometric accuracy ³, Pod 3’s dual sensors enable a further 20% improvement in heart rate variability accuracy, as well as a maximum error of heart rate of less than 1 beat per minute compared to clinical reference.

Dual-band Wi-Fi chip with 5GHz compatibility for a wider connectivity range

A new, dual-band Wi-Fi chip in the Hub extends compatibility from 2.4GHz networks to 5GHz networks, as well as improves support for mesh networks. This update increases connection speed and Wi-Fi stability, allowing the Pod to find the best balance between long-range and high bandwidth connectivity, regardless of the layout of the user’s home. 

We look forward to seeing Pod 3 improve lives through optimal sleep. We thank our Eight Sleep members, team, and investors for their continued support.

Hard work behind, hard work ahead.


Matteo Franceschetti

CEO & Co-Founder, Eight Sleep