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Danny Green X Eight Sleep

Announcing Our Partnership With Two-Time NBA Champion Danny Green

By Matteo Franceschetti
March 04, 2020
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Danny Green X Eight Sleep
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I am thrilled to announce that Eight Sleep has partnered with two-time NBA champion and Los Angeles Lakers star Danny Green to launch our first national advertising campaign ‘Sleep Is Fitness’. The campaign marks Sleep Awareness Month and recognizes sleep as a key to overall health and wellness. 

An 11-year NBA veteran, Danny is at the top of his game and considered one of the most elite shooters in the league. Danny has been an enthusiastic user of Eight Sleep products since 2018 while he was with the Toronto Raptors and adopted the Pod after it launched. Beyond loving our products, Danny appreciates the mission behind Eight Sleep as he considers sleep a critical element of his recovery and a significant contributor to his enhanced concentration and cognitive performance on the court. We discussed ways to collaborate and help raise awareness of sleep fitness, and this led to him as the face of our 'Sleep Is Fitness' campaign. 

Click below to watch the commercial airing now across the country.

Danny Green X Eight Sleep

The concept behind the campaign is to show that better sleep leads to better performance. For Danny personally, sleeping cooler on the Pod increased his deep sleep by 16%, which is excellent for an athlete’s muscle recovery. To find insights like this, we leveraged 70 million hours of data to analyze personal biometrics and illustrate how sleep fitness powers an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Danny Green X Eight Sleep

To date, Eight Sleep has changed the way tens of thousands of people sleep and we remain committed to educating the world on what it means to be sleep fit, how to achieve and measure it, and the benefits of it.

In honor of Sleep Awareness Month,  we celebrate our Eight Sleep community for their commitment to improving health and wellness through better sleep. We are looking forward to seeing more streaks of 100 Sleep Fitness Scores from our members and invite you and your communities to set a goal to commit to at least 8 hours a night of sleep this month.

We are delighted to welcome Danny Green to the Eight Sleep family formally, and we are proud to be his Official Sleep Fitness Partner.



Matteo Franceschetti

Co-Founder and CEO, Eight Sleep