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A Smart Temp Profile For Every Sleep Need

February 10, 2020 -
Posted by Matteo Franceschetti
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**As of 12/09/2020, we do not support Smart Temp Profiles in the Eight Sleep app**

Meet Profiles, a new way to save an unlimited number of temperature profiles for your Pod to match what you need as your lifestyle changes or the seasons progress. 


Easily switch between Winter or Summer Profiles

Save your favorite Smart Temp settings for Winter and for Summer, and switch between them anytime as the weather in your area changes. 

Use Profiles for Muscle Recovery or Illness Support

Do you ever need a bit of warmth to help your muscles relax? Use Profiles to build and save a pattern of temperature for your Pod so it’s readily available when you need it next.  

An enhancement to Smart Temp

Profiles makes Smart Temp more adaptable. Easily switch to a new profile as your needs change 


Update to the latest version of the Eight Sleep app to access Profiles. Don't have a Pod yet? Click here to get yours.


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