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8 Reasons To Buy The Eight Sleep Pod Today

January 27, 2020 -
Posted by Editorial Team
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"If you take sleep seriously, you can't do much better than this smart mattress." - TIME MAGAZINE 

We know that there’s a lot to consider when buying a new mattress.  And the decision of which mattress to buy becomes even more complicated when there are two sleepers with different temperature preferences.  The Eight Sleep Pod is a great solution for both individuals and couples who want to be able to control their temperature and sleep better.  It’s the ultimate smart mattress that drives real results. 

Continue reading to learn why buying a Pod is the best investment for your sleep: 

1.  It’s a comfortable mattress, and much more.

From the outside, the Pod looks just like a mattress. But on the inside, the Pod features unique and advanced technology that no other cooling mattress in the market has. Four layers of CertiPur-certified adaptive foam integrate seamlessly with our active grid technology that contains sensors and a layer of water-based cooling and heating, because a smart bed must first be a comfortable bed.

This combination was designed to be the most comfortable bed for anyone who likes a medium firmness in their mattress. And as a plus, the adaptive foams give the Pod an added bounce and 10-year durability. 

2.  You can sleep at the temperature you like, hot or cold. 

80% of Americans have issues with temperature during their sleep. The Pod is the first and only bed that offers an end to end solution.

Designed to help you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep, the Pod’s signature technology can cool down or warm up to any temperature between 55 degrees and 115 degrees.

Using thin water channels, it dynamically regulates its temperature throughout the night based on your presets and biometric feedback, which can help you consistent­ly sleep better. 

3.  Your partner can sleep at the temperature they like.

The Pod not only regulates temperature, but it also does it individually for each side of the bed, creating your own microclimate thanks to its advanced technology.

No more fighting over the thermostat or blankets, you can now share a bed and find comfort in your own space.

Adjust it anytime from the Eight Sleep app, or let it recommend to you what is best for your sleep quality. 

4.  You can wake up with a silent temperature alarm.

Wake up rested and alert with the Pod's thermo alarm. The Pod adjusts the surface temperature of the bed to wake you up gradually and naturally, without the sound of an alarm. 

5.  You can measure the quality of your sleep, without any wearables.

Seamless sensors in the smart bed measure your heart rate, your breathing, and your movements, and also track your circadian rhythms for more consistent sleep. With this information, the Pod calculates a Sleep Fitness Score that you receive every morning in the accompanying app. This Score uncovers trends of your sleep health overtime.

By tracking your sleep seamlessly without having to wear any device to bed, you can begin to unlock insights into what leads to your most restful sleep. And, it works for two people in the same bed!

6.  You receive personalized tips for improving your sleep.

Beyond numbers, the Pod gives you personalized insights into your best sleep, continually guiding you to improve.

As you discover more about your sleep health, you can access tools in the accompanying app that will help you fall asleep faster, build sleep consistency, and overall achieve higher quality rest.

Thanks to its unique set of tips and tools, 9 out of 10 people sleeping on the Pod report that it improves their sleep.*  Learn more about what our members have to say.

7.  It works with any foundation** and sheets.

You don’t need to purchase any special accessories for the Pod. Pair it with any slatted base, metal frame, box spring, or platform.

And use any conventional bedsheets too. 

8.  You can try it for 100 nights, risk-free.

There’s nothing like trying the Pod right in the comfort of your home. Spend 100 nights on the Pod with a risk-free trial and discover what smarter, cooler, deeper sleep can do for you. Free shipping, free returns.


*According to data collected from Pod members as of January 2020.

**Not suitable for an adjustable foundation.


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